What are the most important criteria for you in choosing a job?

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Yelena Busovikova

Everybody who wants a job wants a good one — but not everyone agrees on what a “good job” really is. The Leader took a stroll around Moscow to find out what some people look for in a job.

Svetlana Ivanova, 28, engineer
The most important thing for me is the salary a company offers and the opportunity to climb up the career ladder. It doesn’t really matter to me how close the company is to my home, as long as it is big, prestigious and famous and has a good reputation.

Irina Rubets, 23, student
I am still a poor student, so the priority to me right now is money and a flexible working schedule. Later, when I become a professional, I will chose a job in a stable company that pays well and gives a chance for personal development. The closer a company is to my home, the better.

Marina Nagayeva, 22, secretary
I spend most of my life at work. So my job has to be interesting, so that I can enjoy it. Second, the money I receive for what I do is important too. Then come the opportunities the firm opens for me.

Oleg Korobov, 27, cashier
One of the most important criteria for me is independence at work. The possibilities for career development in a particular company are very important too. I would even start working for a low salary if I had possibilities for promotion.

Sergei Yermolayev, 22, advertising agent
First, the company has to encourage and motivate every employee to work well. Second, employees’ wages have to be allocated according to their contribution. I would like to work in a company where I could make an easy career from a simple worker to starting my own company. Then, I’d be able to work once a month.

Alexander Stevanovich, 32, construction worker
My criteria are high wages and an honest employer who will pay them at the right time. Some companies I have had to deal with didn’t pay at all. The reliability of a firm is the most important thing. Anything else is not really important to me.