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'Soft' cheese 100 gr 1 cup
'Crumbly' cheese 50 gr 1/3 cup
'Hard' cheese 20 gr 1/5 cup
Egg 1 pc
soft, white 100 gr 1 3/4 cups
Scallions (Chives) 1 bunch
Butter 30 gr 1 oz
Salt as needed
Pepper as needed

Procedure: Grate/crumble and mix all the cheese in a bowl to a working consistency. Cut scallions (chives) as fine as possible.
Soften butter to make it workable.
Mix, in a bowl, all the cheese with chopped chives and butter. Add egg. Season if needed. Add half the breadcrumbs and chill for 20 minutes.
With wet hands form patties and cover with breadcrumbs.
Quickly fry in very little butter until brown and crispy. Serve with fresh, seasonal salad.
Tip: 'Soft' cheese, i.e. brie, Suluguni, cottage cheese or processed cheese.
'Crumbly' cheese, i.e. blue cheese
'Hard' cheese, i.e. Emmental, gouda

Variation: Up to half the cheese can be replaced with boiled and mashed potatoes.

Time: 30 minutes, preparation and frying, excluding salad.

Note: All measures are rounded to the nearest convenient figure.