The Capital of Russian Electronic Music

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Andrey Panin is one of the most popular DJs in Moscow. He's a resident at four top Moscow clubs: Justo, Settebello, Mix and Sixteen Tons. Panin's music perfectly matches the atmosphere of a place where many of Moscow’s socialites, actors, musicians and foreign celebrities come to hang out. Panin is a regular guest at presentations and at cocktail and corporate parties. Besides, he tours around Russian a lot. In the last days of winter he got to perform at the Sputnik 1 electroclash party in the motherland of the Kalashnikov gun — the city of Izhevsk. Here is DJ Panin's travel diary about Izhevsk.


Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurtiya, is the largest industrial and scientific center in Russia. Due to the development of high-technology and several dozen other industries, Izhevsk has powerful intellectual and scientific-technical potential. In other words, Izhevsk is a city of workers. However, there are four theaters, an opera and a circus in the city.


Moderate. In the winter, the temperature is from -10 to -15 Celsius, and in the summer, it's about 20 degrees.


You can get there either by train or by plane, but the thing is that it's pretty hard to leave the city. Tickets for the way back should be bought in advance, or you may stay there longer than planned!


Izhevsk, the capital of Russian electronic music, has acquired the status of Cultural Capital of Povolzhye 2004. The Cultural Capital Festival is a kind of experiment that introduces European projects to Russia. It means that the annual traditional Novosti Podvodnogo Izhevska electronic music festival by KAMA records this year will be of greater importance and will mark the end of the 2004 music marathon.


Electronic music in Izhevsk is not only popular to listen to, but also to create. I have the feeling that everyone in this city is just sitting at home and creating music because there are over 2 million electronic bands in this city! My favorite band here is Burunduk Kvartet. They make the best albums. And from what I recently heard, I liked two bands — Electrodynamique and Sportloto.


There are several places to mention. Light Zone (61 Severny Per., Tel: 22-73-74) is where the Sputnik 1 electroclash festival took place. It's the oldest club in Izhevsk and has been there for seven years. The dance floor can house up to 700 people. It looks like Moscow's MDM. The other place is a two-level dance complex called Vavilon-Disco (19 Bazisnaya, Tel: 48-17-94). This is where young American and British DJs like to perform. On the whole, it's a nice place — unusual for a province. One other good place to visit is the U-Dance club (173 Svobody Ul., Tel: 22-69-69) a.k.a. Bomba, a.k.a. Yama. This place has the most original interior design. They also have a billiard room and casino.


The prices at clubs and cafes are very reasonable: 50 grams of Moskovsky cognac cost 40 rubles and 50 grams of vodka is only 12 rubles. However, there are also expensive cafes, where they sell coffee at the same price that Moscow's Justo does.


I only spent a day in Izhevsk, which is why I didn't really know what to bring back as a souvenir. So, I brought a bottle of Kalashnikov vodka. The bottle was made in the shape of Kalashnikov gun. And I paid $100 for it!