Syndicated columnists tells it as it is on defeat of ISIS


Gwynne Dyer is a widely syndicated columnist. His writings are no-nonsense reporting based on facts. His Russia analysis are not flattering to Russia but nor are they tinged with anti-Russia hysteria so common to main stream media. He reports facts and puts complex issues into easy perspective.

Islamic State, formerly known as Isis, no longer exists as an actual, physical state in either Iraq or Syria. Last summer it lost Mosul, Iraq’s second city, to Iraqi troops backed by US air power. Over the past four months it has lost all of eastern Syria, including its capital Raqqa, to a variety of forces Just one year ago, Islamic State controlled a territory the size of Belgium and the Netherlands, with 7 or 8 million people. Now it is homeless, and even its propaganda output has dropped by 90 per cent as its video production facilities were overrun one after the other. Its credibility among the faithful has taken an even bigger hit.