Why free healthcare works in Russia

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Can you get high-quality free medical care in Russia and if so, who is covered by it?

In Russia, medical care is provided free to all groups of the population, and is funded through social contributions to the national budget. The bulk of polyclinics and hospitals are state-owned. The system itself was created during the Soviet period and is similar to the current healthcare model in Great Britain. To take advantage of all the services of the state system today, you will need to have a compulsory medical insurance policy – they can be obtained at the nearest polyclinic practically as soon as you are born (children’s and adult medical establishments are separate, but all of them are covered by the policy).

Also, the country has a wide range of private medical institutions nowadays, ranging from ordinary polyclinics and dental practices to multidisciplinary medical centers that can perform operations of varying complexity.

Since private medical care is widespread around the world, we’ll focus on telling you how to survive in Russia using only free healthcare. Read more-

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