Best Russian-Produced Wines by Category

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Roskachestvo, a government organization established to encourage and support the improvement in quality of Russian-made products, just wrapped up a study which found the top Russian-produced wines in the country. The 20-day study was performed by industry experts who arrived at their conclusions based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, appearance, aroma, taste and general impression of the wine.

Quality and Value

According to Roskachestvo, the year to year results of the “Wine Guide of Russia” refute persistent myth that quality Russian wines are expensive, and that the more affordable bottles are just not up to par. Likewise, quality Russian wines are made in small batches and are difficult to find. 

In fact, only one of the best dry red wines in the study was produced in a batch containing less than 50,000 bottles. TOP-10 positions also include wine produced in the 200-400 thousand bottle-range, making them available at most large retail stores. The majority of the best white and red wines of the study, with rare exceptions, cost no more than 500 rubles ($6.50), and can be found on sale twice a year during the “Days of Russian Wines” promotion for as little as 350-400 ($4.50-$5.20) rubles or less.

Top Wine By Category

Dry red – Satera’s Esse Cabernet Selected 2018.

Semi-dry red – “Donskoy red Golubok 2018” from Millerovsky winery.

Semi-sweet red – “Saperavi” from the South Coast of Crimea from “Massandra”.

Dry white – “Muscatto Chardonnay”, wine from PGI “Kuban. Novorossiysk “2018.

Dry white, aged in contact with oak – Chateau Tamagne –°hardonnay 2017.

Semi-dry white – Fanagoria. F-STYLE. Cabernet Blanc.

Semi-sweet white – 2019 Inkerman Muscat Winemaker Selection.

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