The World’s Most Interesting Entrepreneur

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Westerners who have made their home in Russia are an eclectic, and more often than not, interesting bunch. John Mark Dougan just may be one of the most interesting of us all. John’s story is a long and complicated one. It’s certainly too long and complex for the purpose of this short article. But take my word for it, if you want to dig into a thrilling, complex story with a whole lot of plot twists, then check out this documentary that explains how John arrived in Russia as an actual asylum seeker – I bet you thought those rare animals were a breed that died out during the cold war, didn’t you?

John also spent the summer, well, just driving his beefed-up Land Rover Defender all-the-way-across Russia’s 11 time zones…

But as I said, this article isn’t about that. This is a story about small businesses, entrepreneurship and cool little start ups that exist in Russia. And, wouldn’t you know it, but John slides right into that category as well.

One of the focuses of The Russia Journal is to be able to introduce the English-speaking world to some of the interesting developments in the business frontier that is The Russian Federation. Over coming months and coming years, we plan to regularly focus on people, small businesses, innovators and ideas.

Speaking of ideas, John has a cool one. He decided to think outside the box by actually building a – wait for it – box! That’s right. John built probably one of the coolest boxes a computer ever called home. Moreover, he’s keeping the whole thing inside the country that stood up for him when he had no where else to turn. His company, Bad Volf, is based in Russia. He designed the case himself and then turned it over to be built by Russians. Good on you John. We can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for us next.

BadVolf Computer Cases

By Donald Harder

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