Believe it or Not, This Photo is Real

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Photographer Alexey Golubev not only has an eye for beauty, he was a good geometry student as well. Though the Gazprom Tower, AKA Lakhta Center, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral stand 9290 meters apart from one another, this is not photoshopped as Anton Detch explains.

For you math whizzes out there, maybe this is just par for the course, but to me, this is unbelievable. Check out their translated discussion on

In other words, Anton figured out the exact building that this photo was shot from in his own words “By the ratio of the size of the dome and the diameter of the tower, the distance was determined with an accuracy of 100 meters.”

I wondered here was this photo taken from? The ratio of the diameter of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the diameter of the tower in the picture is approximately 3/2. In reality, the diameter of the dome is 25.8 meters, and the diameter of the tower is 65 meters. With the distance from the cathedral to the tower 9290 meters away, the photo was taken from about 12600 meters from the tower from the point located on the straight connecting spire of the tower and the northwest chapel of the Cathedral. This gives the western part of house 46 with good credibility through Obvodnaya Canal.


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