Foreign IT Specialists Encouraged to Work in Russia

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“It might be interesting for foreign specialists in the field of artificial intelligence to come to Russia and work with colleagues” stated Russian President Vladimir Putin, Friday, December 4, at the plenary session of the international online conference Artificial Intelligence Journey (AI Journey).

According to Putin, during a recent visit to a large nuclear center in the city of Sarov, scientists put before him the question of creating another major research or scientific and mathematical center.

The President noted that this could become an international platform, despite all the difficulties associated with certain industry requirements.

“We will follow this path, creating (centers), including not only administratively, but also saturating them with the necessary equipment, in order to attract top specialists, I hope, including from abroad,” Putin noted in answer to the question of a professor from Switzerland and Jurgen Schmidhuber, the future scientific director of the newly created Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Moscow.

As an example, the Russian leader cited work with specialists from other countries in the field of nuclear energy. In Europe, such research is curtailed, so scientists from other countries are encouraged to come to Russia and work.

“Great specialists, wonderful specialists,” he added.

On the same day, the president announced that six major IT research centers would be built in Russia. Six billion rubles will be allocated toward this end through 2024.


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