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A lot of modern Russian music just doesn’t translate very well to the taste profile of the western audience. Like American stereotypes about German pop music, Russian airwaves are overburdened with cheap, bubble-gum quality fare that is meant to appeal to undiscerning masses and simply doesn’t have staying power stretching much beyond the yogurt in your fridge.

The music of Leningrad stands in a completely different world. The popularity of the band is well-earned and their music can stand on the world stage shoulder to shoulder with any of the greats that have withstood the test of time.

Here they are celebrating the World Cup. Make sure you have your subtitles on to get the full effect.


Sergey Shnurov is a Russian rock musician, actor, showman, TV presenter, artist, leader of the Leningrad group, who became famous for his outrageous behavior and shocking lyrics. For several decades, his musical group has maintained a high level of popularity. Today he is known as a brilliant curator of young performers who become celebrities under his guidance.

Childhood and youth

Sergey was born in the spring of 1973 in St. Petersburg. He grew up in a simple Soviet family, where his parents worked as engineers. In childhood he was an ordinary boy and went to a comprehensive school. His greatest hobby during his childhood was music.

After school, Shnurov entered the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute, but never graduated. He went to study at a vocational school to master the profession of a woodwork restorer. Later, Sergei, together with his friends, entered the theological seminary, where he studied only 3 courses at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Before connecting life with music, the future artist changed a huge number of professions. In his youth, he did not hesitate to work as a loader, a caretaker in a kindergarten, a joiner and a glazier. There were more creative positions in the biography of the star: assistant director and director of the promotion department at the radio station “Modern”.


In 1991 Shnurov decided to get serious about music, which led to the creation of his first group called “Alkorepitsa”. For some time the team performed on small stages, but soon ceased to exist. Sergei’s next project was a team with the no less exotic name “Van Gogh’s Ear”.

In 1997, in 4 days, Sergei created a new team called “Leningrad”. The singer relied on scandalousness and outrageousness. With the support of the musician from ” AuktsYon ” Leonid Fedorov, the group recorded the first studio album “Bullet”, which the world saw in July 1999. After the frontman left, Sergei himself stood up to the microphone.


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