Golden Visa Program

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Gaining citizenship in a country you weren’t born in can often be an arduous and time-consuming process — that is, if you even meet the qualification requirements. To qualify, most countries set the bar at factors like being married to one of their citizens, having children who are already citizens or participating in a lottery process. All of these have been known to take years and require loads of red tape and a whole lot of visits to various bureaucratic agencies.

Many countries have set some of these steps aside and made it possible to stream line the process of becoming a citizen in what has come to be known as a golden visa program. Golden visa programs allow investors who are willing to meet certain financial obligations and a variety of related requirements to more quickly pick up a new passport and all the benefits that come with that.

These programs can be a win-win situation for both the country that offers them and the investor who wishes to gain easy-access citizenship.

Russia’s Ministery of Finance has recently proposed putting forward their own version of the golden visa.

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