President Santa: New Year Gift to Russian Kids

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During a nationally-aired press conference Wednesday, President Putin announced all children under 7 years old will be receiving a presidential payment of 5,000 rubles ($70) for New Year.

According to Vesti:

Putin recalled that 20 years ago, about 30 percent of Russians lived below the poverty line. In 2017, they hit the 12 percent bar. The pandemic has hit revenues again. But by 2030 there is a clear goal: to halve poverty in Russia.


The Christmas holiday in Russia is a typically somber occasion with more religious overtones than in many western countries. New Year in Russia is the holiday most similar to what westerners commonly experience during Christmas. Russians decorate New Year trees (Новогодние елки) and instead of Santa, they have Father Frost and Snow girl (Дед Мороз и Снегурочка).

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