Anton’s New Year Bike Excursion: St. Petersburg

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By Anton Detch

Snow and slush. Fuck global warming. Bars and restaurants are closed and working only for delivery. Fuck corona. Happy New Year! In the afternoon, wet snow wall and closed restaurants dispersed the people from the city center.

This is now the New Year in the middle of Corona and global warming. But there was a pandemonium in stores. I witnessed the cake battle. Shelves with confectionery were empty. But they constantly brought new batches of cakes. People took them without looking, just to have a cake.

I’m the the one of a kind Santa Claus, I had to ride around the city. Despite sportswear with super nano membranes soaked to thread. But I tested the new GoPro Hero 9. Interesting thing. The video was shot in the ′′ line camera + horizon alignment + HyperSmooth 3.0 (high) mode. In general, I liked it. From minuses – the application connects to the camera for a long time and does not broadcast a live picture on the phone. When the camera is on the forehead, there is no way to control the recording.

By the New Year, the snow was over, the slush remained, the people hit the street to set off fireworks. At our small park on Silver Pond, the crowd almost lynched people entering the park in an SUV. Then it turned out that the people inside had brought some heavy boxes of fireworks. Lynching smoothly flowed into the continuation of the holiday and the general brotherhood.

Happy new year everyone. Personally, for me, the passing year was not bad at all, even good. Only I couldn’t go to the sea, swimming or in the lakes. The next one hopefully will be even better. Happiness and Health to all! N.B. The wishes of happiness and health go out to both people loyal to existing authorities and to the opposition.

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