Love and Respect for Cats Knows no Borders

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By Ajay Goyal

A friend in Russia called, sad, inconsolable . Her cat died. It made me reflect on love humans have for cats. And the forever question whether cats love us back. The answer is, yes they do. From the depth of their being. It’s like a 20 volt electric current that passes through a cat when it senses it’s master, a friend, a keeper from a distance.

I look at my Alvin my son and how much love he feels for his two cats. He truly feels them. He seems to understand them. Even when they take a dump on his bed, he can’t be angry at them. That’s for when I make a comment about his playstation time .. cats, can do no wrong. They are royalty. Above rapproach or even a discussion. They are special.

And so it is in England, United States, Finland , Russia. People with cats , being better people. Being more humane. More intelligent too. Certainly more compassionate.

I found this image of a Russian long distance train in the night at a train station somewhere. The train is going across the continent. The traveler has booked a whole coupe for the cats.

They are family. It’s not about how cute cats are . You tell me how good a person is toward a cat and I will begin to tell you of good and cute is that person. I met this friend several years ago on a Limassol, Cyprus Beach Walk.

I was on my customary late night walk. I know of some spots where cats gather, where Russian visitors to the hotels and local Russian residents bring food to cats. Its always the Russians. In the dark, I saw a woman feeding cats near Four Seasons hotel, who, by the dozens were making their way toward her. I noticed the cats before I saw her. I just passed her by.

Some 40 minutes later, on my way back, I saw her standing still, watching the cats from a distance, as they were already back to their stations. She stood still, something felt not right. I asked if she was ok. She said one cat, a kitten, was missing. How could she know I wondered. These are wild cats. Dozens of them. It’s dark. It’s open beach. How could she know ? She said she knew, one kitten was missing. How long did she know this kitten? All of the six days she had been in Limassol this trip. She came for business every month….

To be continued…

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