Free Mobile Library for Moscow Metro Riders

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When I first moved to Russia, one of the first things I noticed when riding the underground metro trains was how voracious Russians are as book readers. No matter how crowded the train, dozens of passengers in any given car invariably held an open book in their hands.

Over the years, I saw the books give way to Kindle-type tablets. Thus, today, when I see passengers engrossed in their smart phones, I don’t automatically assume they are merely playing Candy Crush to pass the time. Odds are just as high that that young lady next to you in the train on her iPhone is re-reading Anna Karenina as they are she is browsing her Vkontakte newsfeed.

Beautiful Russia writes:

Metro cars with the bookshelves theme and free mobile library were launched to promote book reading. This event in Russia was timed to coincide with World Book Day, which is celebrated on April 23rd. Passengers could download any book they see on the shelves on their cell phone for free. But some shelves had real books that passengers could pull off the shelves and read the book while commuting.

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