Our Mission

According to an Awara Group report earlier this year, Russia’s new government is set to abandon austerity measures embraced by PM Mikhail Mishustin’s predecessor. Prior to setbacks from precautions taken against coronavirus, GDP growth was set to accelerate. As challenges are overcome, new spending measures and infrastructure development are set to continue.

It’s our mission at the Russia Journal to open up a window for English-speaking readers outside of the country.

Much has been written and reported by Western publications and other media about the Russian Federation in recent years, yet there remains a wide gap between how the average cosmopolitan or business person in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, etc… views the country compared to readers of Western media. We want to close that gap.

We also want readers to avoid ideological traps and take a look at the country and its opportunities, as well as potential pitfalls or setbacks, in the same light that big institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi Group, Deutsche Bank, etc… who have offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg and have access to private research inside the country. Consider us your very own on-the-ground research group that evens out the playing field.